Switching to a Bot-Friendly Map Rotation

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Switching to a Bot-Friendly Map Rotation

Postby Fapsock » Sun Jul 27, 2014 11:30 am

Hi all,

Until when/if we start seeing more people on the main server on a regular basis, I'm switching the map rotation to bot-friendly maps. Here's the list:

  • cp_dustbowl
  • cp_gorge
  • cp_manor_event
  • koth_badlands
  • koth_king
  • koth_lakeside_final
  • koth_nucleus
  • koth_sawmill
  • koth_viaduct
  • pl_badwater
  • pl_barnblitz
  • pl_goldrush
  • pl_hoodoo_final
  • pl_thundermountain
  • pl_upward

If I'm missing any other maps that work well with bots, please post here and I'll add it to the rotation. Once we start seeing more players, we'll return to our normal map rotation.

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